Transformation of Healthcare Delivery

Every dream has a humble beginning and takes courage, endurance and hard work to convert it into reality. Over the last few months, we have been following the less travelled path to convert a simple dream into reality.


GenieDoc aims to transform the delivery of healthcare services, especially for chronic Illness, follow up cases, second opinions and common conditions by using advanced technology in everyday life.


In a big and diverse country like India, healthcare is merely 4% of GDP whereas some developed countries with one fourth of Indian population have 4 to 5 timesbigger percentage share of GDP. This certainly bringsour attention to the approach and delivery of healthcare services in India. In Urban and rural India, challenges are different for healthcare seekers and providers.


Today, patients complain about spending too much time and resources in getting basic medical care whereas doctors are dissatisfied with the current bottlenecks and revenue losses in the system.A closer look at the healthcare sector makes us realize that the adoption of technology has been highly successful when it comes to infrastructure providers, medical research and diagnosis, whereas the same has been missing when it comes to the crucial link between doctors and patients.


GenieDoc is a healthcare platform enabling patients and doctors to connect on real time basis, anytime and anywhere, using secure video connection. We believe that technology in everyday life of patients and doctors would enable them to make better decisions about care.


We acknowledge the fact that the idea we are working upon is radical and critics raise genuine questions on the effectiveness and usage of telemedicine in providing healthcare services in India.


Indeed, treating patients is a science as well as an art in medicine, in which doctor-patient relationship and their bond play a vital role.Telemedicine may not be a substitute to a real life face to face meeting, though it still provides a modern day ‘Human Connection’ through Video.


It is too early to take sides and make conclusions. At GenieDoc, we bring technology closer to you and provide you with choices so that you are able to make your own decisions.


Over the coming weeks, we intend to engage with you and share insights into Telemedicine in our everyday life. We encourage you to join our mission by sharing your experiences so that together we can achieve our ambitious goal of easing the delivery of healthcare services, using everyday technology in everyday life.


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July 10, 2017

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