While you are focused on serving individuals and population as a medical professional, we enable digital solutions which assist you in improving efficiency, enhancing satisfaction and strengthening patient engagement.


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We collaborate with doctors to create a well-defined, controlled and personalized solution so that patients can engage with providers easily while seeking treatment.
Today, digital access is essential while a patient seeks medical attention at any stage of his treatment. For example:
  • When a patient needs a doctor, he or she googles by typing symptoms in the search bar and looks for the nearest doctor that pops up in the search results for that specific condition.
    When patients need to seek information about diseases, ailments or treatments, they tend to utilize all available resources to acquire relevant information.
In today’s fast paced world, people barely have time even for themselves. This is exactly where the world-wide-web extends helping hands to people. With the advent of online modes, people are using internet sites for each and every query they come across on daily basis. Whether it is technical problems, medical queries or transportation issues, there are multiple ways to solve these and information regarding the same is abundant on the internet.
Grabbing the opportunity provided by the internet to connect with patients is a must today. In the era of 2010s, it is mandatory to opt for online modes as everybody is striving to be the best player of the game.
ORBIT, a set of unique solutions, can be easily implemented and seamlessly integrated in your daily practice. ORBIT enables healthcare providers to improve their efficiency in their daily practice through digital signboards (websites), easy patient communication channels, digital marketing for doctors & other medical institutions and practice management tools.
ORBIT stands for:

Ownership: Ownership signifies that healthcare providers have total control and full right over their digital signboards or website. Doctors own the site and patients can contact them directly through the website.
Reach:  Reach signifies that patients can reach their healthcare providers throughout their treatment period, including services for follow ups.
Brand: Brand denotes the identity of a healthcare provider that generally has an exponential growth based on good services, reputation and trust. Word of mouth plays a significant role in reputation building, and the same is now replicated online through social networks.
Information: Patients make decisions based on the available information and especially, based on the accurate and accessible information provided directly by the healthcare providers.
Technology: The most integral part and the backbone of the entire web based activities in today’s digital world.


Advantages of availing various solutions under ORBIT:



  • Owning and controlling digital signboards or websites
  • Providing enhanced convenience to your patients
  • Integrate technological solutions in your daily practice
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