How to increase patient’s traffic on doctor website

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Can fishing be done through a flea pitted trapping net?  A logical mind will always answer no. As above and beyond same is with the leads that are flattered by other websites and cannot be converted into prospective customers. Resultantly, no matter how much advanced promotional vista you are using; you will still have bare counters. Therefore, to move optimistically and convert your online application queries into their physical presence, a strong and enticing conversion strategy is necessary.

A wide-ranged lead nurturing funnel shows a ratio of 100:1 leads and customer respectively.  Although, the figure reflects an overall ratio of all the sectors in common yet if we talk about medical practices, in particular, the picture will not change much. All that matters here is those patient conversion strategies for doctor websites that bring growth in the conversion rate. So, let’s spot out 10 main conversion promoters that will give a new insight to the healthcare websites:

1.      Optimize content – Customer conversion is dependent on the right customer conversation. To accompany the statement, a company’s website is the only face – both to converse and convert the leads into customers. The website visitors will only stay on a website if their queries are answered well else they do not mind closing the website in few seconds. For patients who are searching for symptoms and diseases, optimize the content so that they may find what they are searching for.


A professional healthcare marketing service provider is best to assist you in optimizing the content. These, in turn, increase traffic and raise Google ranking of the website also. Some of their value-adding donuts are keyword specific headings, calls-to-action, navigation buttons, etc. that of course will satisfy the visitors and list them in a patient list.


2.      Mobile optimization – Mobile has now crossed the bars of calling and has given a new mode for internet surfing. Now-a-days, may it be a search for a hotel or hospital, most of them starts from mobile. A healthcare study says that 80% patients prefer the mobile device to choose their doctor. Thus, whether through a click-to-call action or a responsive website on mobile, web always impresses the visitor looking to avail services.


3.      Image usage – “The best way to prove is to show”. Thus to gain trust and confidence of the visitors, it is essential to acknowledge them with your real picture. For example, happier the faces and gleams are there on your website, the more appealing trace it will leave on the visitor’s mind.


4.      Video usage – Adobe explains that the consumer is 1.81 times more likely to consult the doctors after watching its video. Similarly, if the testimonials of patients, services of staff and adeptness of doctors are shown in the video (obviously mobile friendly), it will engross more leads.


5.      Add a Why factor – Show your positives that why patients should prefer you? Add your specialization, out of trend facilities and awards you hold on the website. You can also mention the recovery rate of your ex-patients, this will definitely increase a degree of trust in your would be patients.


6.      Give some offers – Offerings are obviously to please others and so will be for your visitors. Plan and organize some special treatments and free health checkup camps to attract the visitors. By doing so, you have increased the probability of increased prescriptions on your desk.


7.      Testimonial and reviews Search Engine land states that 62% of the patients depend on online reviews in searching a doctor. Resultantly, testimonial section of the healthcare website should be keenly introduced. It also escalates sales up to 18% according to e-consultancy report.


8.      Easy to find contact details – A website visitor can contact a medical practitioner only if he has his contact details. Thus, either on the up right corner or on the contact us page, never forget to update your accurate contact details.


9.      Improve Google rankings – Search engine optimization is here to improve your Google ranking with its targeted keywords. More the Google ranking you label to your website, more is the traffic attracted towards it. More traffic, in turn, increases the chance of better conversion rate too.


10.  Contact forms – As visitors are interested in knowing the doctor, later should also. Moreover, it is necessary to have visitor’s information in order to keep a track record and follow up on the same. Therefore, contact forms are tugged in the website. Although visitors are generally reluctant to fill it, yet to have a better insight it is essential to get it filled. However, having a simple contact form can serve your purpose well.



These 10 patient conversion boosters for doctor websites will give a new acumen to it. So bang on!!

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