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In a highly competitive environment, it is a real challenge to show your existence to the world. Moreover, when it comes to introducing medical terms in the tone of technology, the task becomes even more difficult for the professionals. Patients, now-a-days, have many options and each one better than another. Therefore it becomes quite a daunting task for them to choose the best doctor in Gurgaon and Delhi on the basis of so many medical facilities available.

Consecutively, the online presence of doctors is the only unsurpassed way to gain the trust of patients and acknowledge competence of the doctors to them. Thus, it is equally beneficial for both patients and the doctors to gain, maintain and retain the bond with the loftier health care treatments and its endeavor.

How to grow online presence?

Below mentioned are 5 important tools to grow online presence for doctors:


When it comes to searching a doctor online, the website proves to be the ultimate face to solve the purpose. However, there is nothing very spendthrift or striving to create an attractive and conversant website; rather it has to be simple and user friendly. In fact, mobile friendly as well since majority of patients’ these days use mobile for any search.


A vibrant website that tunes up the patients’ is gratified not only with all the fundamental information about the medical practitioners but also holds reviews regarding them. A journal published in American medical association says that, “1 in 5 urban India people prefer website reviews and ratings about the doctors before choosing them”. Hence, a well-planned and designed website not only escalates the face value of the doctors but also pep talk the online presence of doctors.



Search engine optimization, the name itself gives the real significance of the term. To optimize the search and to appear in the top search results through the targeted keywords is the main objective of SEO.


Medical practitioners can benefit their business through SEO by being patient oriented i.e. by floating focused blogs online that are most liked, in fact needed and searched by the patients. Improve local SEO searches that are, on course, tapped 50% from the handsets and 34% from computer and tablets, thus, never leave these bold figures.


Content marketing

What is content? Any form of contented and contextual information that gives us complete acquaintance about any matter is termed as content. Thus, when it comes to growing online presence for doctors – how can content marketing be missed? Content is the king!! In order to attract patients, it has become inevitable for doctors to come up with content that is engaging and relevant to them.


Enhancing SEO and in turn, better ranking, building strong doctor-patient relationship, magnetizing digital influence, publishing inspiring and valuable content is today’s demand.  This would ensure that when patients search for symptoms and diseases w.r.t. doctor specialty, they should be satisfied with the in depth information available. This will, of course, be worthy in building trust and gain competency.



Online reputation management is of prime importance not only for doctors but for all professionals. Strategically planned reputation management for doctors can ensure that the prospective patients looking for doctors or information online come to you for advice.


A good online rating for health care professionals is definitely a boost for their prospective patient base. Thus, the importance of online reputation management ranges from showing care and interest in structuring relationships about the patient from the doctors’ side, filling the gap of incompetency, appreciating sincere patients and much more.


Social media

Using social media for growing your online presence is just like distributing pamphlets in the mob. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are some major social networking sites that are popular and surfed by all the age groups now-a-days. Thus, doctors should try updating and sharing valuable health information and the medical facilities offered by them for a kin ailment is indeed a genius idea.

Hence, aforesaid 5 tools are nonetheless virtuous for all. is healthcare focused organization helping doctors and hospitals to build their brand in healthcare. provides healthcare digital marketing services ranging from website development, SEO, Social Media, AdWords, display ads and remarketing strategies.

Plan a consultation with GenieDoc expert to know what the best strategy is for you.

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