Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement in healthcare has been a rapidly emerging movement and buzzword in the healthcare industry from quite some time. Some say, “The progress of healthcare will largely depend on patient engagement strategy and its execution”. Others have argued that healthcare is moving from doctor specific service industry to patient centric service. All initiative shall have patient important place at objective of any marketing campaign.
Consumers are becoming more trusting of healthcare information online. Social media and patient portal use for healthcare data have also seen significant growth. We are living in a connected and engaged society. The Internet allows us to get what we want on demand at our fingertips. Patients and consumers have started placing these same expectations on healthcare.



Below are a few statistics from Google and Pew Research Center that further support the impact technology is having on patient engagement:


  • 4.7 billion: daily Google searches
  • 1 in 20 Google searches is for health-related information
  • 80 percent of Internet users seek online health information
  • 77 percent of patients used a search prior to booking an appointment
  • 66 percent of Internet users look online for information about a specific disease or medical problem
  • 44 percent of Internet users look online for information about doctors or other health professionals


Benefits of improved patient engagement include:-


  • Reduced costs
  • Increased communication
  • Increased patient satisfaction, experience
  • Population health
  • Increased Referrals
  • Recall at time of need
  • Challenges Of Patient Engagement



For healthcare institutions and medical practices, successful patient engagement relies mainly on a cultural and corporate behavioural shift. Hospitals and the administration departments must be prepared to face obstacles w.r.t operational and implementation challenges, workforce reluctance and use of technology.
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