The few critical steps that we apply to help healthcare providers overcome, subside the marketing challenges and produce an effective hospital marketing campaign or plan are:


Prepare an elaborated and plan with specific goals.

It is important and fruitful to spend lot of time in advance preparation, defining the goals, and show how they are aligned with the goals of the organization. We believe in drawing a clear outline in form of RACI (responsibility, Accountability, Consulting & Informed ) matrix and most importantly the expected results in quantifiable and measurable terms.


Calculation for a realistic budget and Return on Investment (ROI) estimate.

Correlate the project goals with the anticipated investment and the anticipated Return on Investment (ROI). The cost requirements of media placement, including both traditional marketing tools and Internet media need to be taken in to account while calculation of budget.


Evaluate and allocate internal/external resources.

Determine which tasks or assignments can and should be done with available internal resources. At the same time, determine which services require outside professional help. Depending on the nature and scope of the campaign, does it make sense to outsource portions of the hospital marketing effort? If Yes, it should be performed with clear, measurable goals and mechanism to track the execution of such activities.


Before Launching campaign for external world, do the internal promotion for the new campaign.


Launch the campaign.

Campaign may be roll out in phases, and some elements may require a long advance lead time e.g. Media placement, that may require final creative materials to be in the hands of the publisher weeks or months ahead of circulation.


Monitor results and make adjustments.

Keep in mind that “results” don’t suddenly appear at the end of the ballgame. Monitor the indicators closely, and be prepared to make adjustments. Where possible, make modifications and adjust for any underperforming elements.
We know that successful hospital marketing campaign is the product of careful planning and budgeting, selective use of internal and external hospital marketing resources and proactive efforts to communicate internally as well as externally.
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