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Why Healthcare Marketing for a hospital, clinic or doctor?

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | November 22nd, 2016

Internet and smartphone penetration in India has changed the behaviour of consumers. Whenever we need to search for information, the first intuitive action is to open the internet browser and search for results. We like to browse for latest movie timings, metro timings, mall closing time and even, timings of clinics and hospitals.


Increasingly, patients are going online to check practice details of doctors, as it helps to build their faith even before seeking medical advice. A patient may check the speciality, types of patients treated, fee and timings, among other things before deciding to visit the clinic or hospital, so as to ensure that he is headed at the right place.


Whereas internet has penetrated in common man’s life which he has started using even in healthcare, the time constraint on the side of healthcare providers and administrators due to the patient load has limited the presence of accurate information over internet. In India, code of ethics for medical institutions also allows providers to share their practice details for the convenience of patients.

Would you like your brand to truly signify the goodwill, reputation and trust of your healthcare services? As an administrator for your healthcare facility, would you like to own and build your online brand which your patients see online? Now is the time to seriously consider online internet connected world as part of our daily existence.


We acknowledge that healthcare practices are complex. Therefore, we try and make life easier through ORBIT solutions.

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