Don’t tell anyone: I delay seeking medical consultation

Imagine a typical day in our daily routine. It is packed with commitments, meetings, social interactions and promises. On such a day, if one needs medical consultation for any member of the family, the whole planning goes upside down.

Medical consultation takes topmost priority and one tries to reschedule all other commitments.However, after the decision to seek medical consultation immediately, the real life realization sinks in.

In a metro city, it generally takes about an hour of travel time to reach the hospital, another half an hour of waiting time at the hospital even after taking an appointment. On top of this, one spends yet another hour traveling back to home or office. Well, do you notice thatone needs almost half a day away from all other commitments?

What do we generally do in such a scenario?

Well, don’t tell anyone. I delay seeking medical consultation, especially for myself, on such days!

Understanding one’s priorities and responsibilities, could there be a better way? Is it possible to connect to a doctor without spending so much time?  Can it be a quick, reliable and easy consultation from the convenience of one’s home or workplace?

At GenieDoc, we understand your situation.

July 10, 2017

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