Doctor, here’s why should you associate with GenieDoc?

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When we look closely at the life of doctors, they are extremely busy professionals juggling between OPDs, IPDs and OTs, where patients and their relatives are fanatically wanting their attention. On top of this, the evils of living in a typical Indian city are well known – getting stuck in traffic jams, travelling long distances, impatient queues of patients awaiting their turn and shuffling between professional and personal life.

Everyone is seeking convenience, even when it comes to healthcare. GenieDoc is a realistic proposition that combines ‘Convenience First for Healthcare Needs’ for patients and doctors by using technology in everyday life.


How is GenieDoc different?

At GenieDoc, we have three clear priorities:

First, we want to build long lasting relationship with our doctors. Our team loves to meet doctors! We first share the concept as well as value proposition, then collect and process credentials and finally hand-hold initial technology steps before making the services live.

Second, we have a unique execution approach to create and build ‘GenieDoc-Doctor-Patient-GenieDoc’ trust relationship. Any telemedicine platform can be successful only if the stakeholders are fully committed to use the telemedicine tool in making healthcare services effective and efficient. We consider doctors as our partners, who not only trust GenieDoc for its product and services, but also recommend the usage to their patient base. We are determined to create a unique trust equation between seekers, providers and enablers, which is missing in the Indian healthcare sector currently.

Third, we aim for business sustainability and win-win situation for all stakeholders. To us, this means that patients should feel comfortable while reaching doctors through our platform, our doctors should be able to utilize their professional time getting suitable returns, and in the end, we should be able to make our business sustainable.

GenieDoc truly differentiates itself in relationships and technology.

Globally, telemedicine is on a fast growth track. However, India is unique and we would like to have an indigenous model which takes care of the local needs. GenieDoc is the first Indian healthcare telemedicine platform which has been specifically designed and engineered for doctors.

We believe in one-to-one doctor engagement. As a firm believer in power of internet, we reach out to patients through digital and social media.

What are the next steps?

Join us and participate in our mission by sharing your real time patient experiences so that together we can achieve our ambitious goal of easing the delivery of healthcare services, using everyday technology in everyday life.

We are still in early days of our journey, as we implement an effective Indian model of telemedicine. We understand the existing trust factor regarding follow ups and chronic illnesses, and these are our first targeted customers on GenieDoc.

We value your precious time and commitments. At the same time, we request your time and inputs in our journey. We would love to learn from your experiences, inputs, and would be more than happy to meet you over a coffee.


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