A doctor guide for patient referrals

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Doctors are one of the noble professionals that should not need promotion to seek any referral. Instead, a deep rooted trust, a corporal need and a hale and hearty word of mouth could do the job well. However, there is a hidden picture aside; no matter how proficient a doctor is yet to grow well among the mushrooming professionals, a sturdy network is a must.

Undoubtedly, the task sounds imminent to do in practice and so needs to be planned tactfully. The two major concerns behind building a strong network for patient referrals are –

  • To attract new patients and grow revenue in turn
  • To shackle a good ‘doctor-patient-doctor’ relationship because a patient referral can withstand and grow only if it is done mutually

The apprehension can be any out of the two raised but the ultimate one is to guide doctors in building patient referrals. Also, it is true that the more popular, the doctor will be, more likely other doctors/patients will refer patients to him.

Thus, why not choose the online marketing and web mode to increase your reach? As these are the most active, indeed operational modes by almost every healthcare professional for their healthcare digital marketing, their application to improve the reach and engagement with patients will prove as one of the best tactics. Furthermore, it is also advisable to assign the task to some agency who is an expert in the field of healthcare digital marekting.

Genie Doc is an expert for delivering customized healthcare digital marketing services in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. They have helped many doctors to build the right patient referrals through improvement and implementation of processes and digital marketing services. So, let’s bullet down some guidelines about the same:

Online presence – One can search you only if you are visible. You can become visible only if you are regularly updating in. In consequence with this, you need some expert who can make a vibrant website for you. That is of course updated with all your upcoming and ongoing events and terms in order to give you better ranking in Google search.


Genie Doc is a professional healthcare marketing agency that can serve you very well here. They design customized, comprehensive and contented website to attract, engage and retain patients and emblaze it well with the most searched keywords.


Know about your patients – Patient-doctor relationships involves two way bonding. Therefore, every query the patients’ have, should be a matter of concern for doctors and vice versa as well. It matters how conscientious you are about your patient and his treatment. This is important not only to keep a record of them and give a retrieving treatment but also to build a strong patient base (as one can give you leads of many).


One in every ten people (including doctors) is a strong referrer. Thus we should have information about all and should never forget to acknowledge them for referring patients to you. Hence, mark a welcome and thank you note everywhere you can, to add a personal touch and for building a long term relationship.


Put reminder as a form of recall – It is quite common if you forget about an appointment with your doctor. However how would you feel if your phone beeps in the morning and flashes an appointment reminder from your doctor’s side? Oh! That sounds so caring from your healthcare practitioner’s side.


This is definitely going to make you overwhelmed and ought to give an affirmative feedback about your doctor. This affirmation will unquestionably influence some or the other patient and the one can be a referrer for the doctor. Also, it reduces the uncertainty of any patient to miss an appointment since they have already been reminded in time.

All a doctor needs to do is to be proactive and planned with a personalized mailing mechanism or an inbuilt ERP that keeps the patients updated well in time.

The above guidelines will help a doctor in building patient referrals either through other doctors or their existing patients. Concluding all, one must say that the essential gear of referrals lies in the quality and uninterrupted communication between doctor and the source of reference.

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