A doctor guide for patients engagement

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Gone are the days when so called prescription, was the only link between doctors and patients. However, the scenario has changed over time. Now-a-days, the health professionals are more concerned about patient engagement. The reason is not only to build a strong patient base but to also have personalized clinical awareness among them. It has become indispensable to educate, engage and empower patients in order to get quality output as well.

Is it that easy to tempt such an advanced groom up without the aid of technology? With technology ruling every arena, almost every medical professional is focusing on fetching an answer about how to increase the patient engagement and increasing patient base as well. Thus, medical professionals are inducing consciousness with the support of technology among the patients. Not necessarily will the patient have relevant understanding about the ailment, they themselves fall prey to or any other near and dear one.

With patient engagement becoming all the more significant and necessary, the need to be aware about the various patient engagement strategies available has emerged to be inevitable. Why not proceed ahead and gain a better insight on it?

Resources to increase patient’s engagement

While we think about the resources to increase patient’s engagement – the two prime questions triggers in our mind:

  • How to increase the patient engagement?
  • How to increase patient base?

Since the resources utilized will be based on the raised interrogations therefore the choice and decision of the same should be relatively equal.

Prior to introducing any technology for a healthy patient-doctor relationship, the most essential factor to be introduced is humanity in the doctor himself. This, therefore, will affect the choice of resources i.e. it should be more people centric than just being technology centric. The resources used will, thus, be more focused on imparting correct knowledge and information to the patients’ in order to engage them well.

For long now, the world is on the web and so are the patients. More than 65% of the patients are known to browse Google regarding the symptoms and the cure of their thought of disease before they finally visit or consult the doctor. On the other hand, even the doctors agree with the fact that all the information present on the internet is not true to their knowledge and hence shall not be applicable.

Thus, doctors should either suggest some trusted website or should have some created on their own, if possible. This would ensure smooth delivery of whatever information their patients are looking for. The link can be any but the aim of the resource is meant to be able to engage patients and making them aware and conscious about their health.

Henceforth, there are many digital solutions which succor in attracting, retaining and engaging patients through an improved efficiency and utter satisfaction.

Communication tools

Better communication between the doctor and the patients gives a better satisfaction and thus better experience as well. Online communication has successfully bridged the gap of time and distance among the doctors and the patients. Therefore, email, text messages and telemedicine are now used to ease the communication. This in turn assists in delivering the best treatment solutions to the patients regardless of how far they are.  Although Skype and video calling are other advanced communication tools, yet they are not preferred because of various technological, human and behavioral reasons in India.

Automation technology to engage the patients

It’s an obvious mindset of the suffering patient that manual or too many time taking formalities at the doctor’s door leads to poor engagement. Hence fast and frantic engagement solutions are preferred over the cumbersome ones in order to satisfy the patients. Therefore, patient engagement solutions and automation of technology go hand-in-hand to reduce the time wasted in medical formalities and serve with a readily programmed service.

Geniedoc.com is one such healthcare digital marketing organization where you get a perfect unification of 3 T’s – Trust, treatment and technology altogether.

Geniedoc.com has helped many doctors in building their brands in healthcare and also offer a strong technology based comprehensive clinic management system. It includes patient registration, patient scheduling, appointment reminders, digital prescriptions thereby, making them an expert in delivering latest technological patient engagement solutions to their healthcare clients.

To add on to the crux of all, technology should not rule on the advancements and leave the treatments aside. Rather the patient should always have a positive acumen about the doctor and his medication as well. Thus, this guide to patient engagement solutions for doctors will result in better health prospects and a long-term partnership between the two.

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