Digital Services

Leverage our extraordinary knowledge of patient behaviour and our healthcare focused strategy along with experienced digital/creative team to help patients find, select and book with you/your doctors at your web identities.

Given an alternative, most of the healthcare providers would like to have ownership and control. However, scope of technology involved and lack of understanding keeps healthcare providers away from this option. Our full-service digital team can create seamless, elegant, information website/identities to connect the dots between patients and your brand, increase traffic, optimize conversion, and create new, loyal patients. Various other activities include:

  • Healthcare Digital Identity Services
    • Site design
    • Web site building and maintenance
  • Patient Reach Services
    • SEO
    • SEM
    • Content Creation
    • Web Analytics
    • PPC (Pay per Click)
    • SMS Engagement and Information Emails to Patients
    • Patient Retargetting
  • Patient Reach Packages
    • Convenience to Search
    • Knowledge Sharing
    • Empowerment

Connect the dots starts with our team of digital experts.

Our planners leverage their know-how of technology and healthcare sector to identify and size your business opportunities.

  • Who are your most valuable potential patients
  • Where are the best places to reach them
  • What messages will resonate

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