Clinic Management System

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Clinic Management System

Schedule Management

With Digital ORBIT CMS, managing schedule has become very easy. Managing doctor’s schedule and routine has been made quite convenient for the user and saves time.

Appointment booking

Digital ORBIT CMS privileges its users with easy appointment booking system. It allows the user to manage the booked appointments and set time and schedule for further booking options.

Automated reminders

Digital ORBIT CMS automated reminder system provides early reminders of upcoming booked schedules and follow up routines

Patient Management

Managing patients via Digital ORBIT CMS has become easier than yesterday, as the system allows the user to manage patient’s profile and health records according to their own convenience.

Print Prescription

Prescriptions have been digitalized over conventional hand written. Doctors can now provide printed prescription; saving the efforts to write, and can assess the prescription for further treatment; without the fear of losing it.

Effective Clinic Management System

Digital ORBIT CMS is a Clinic Management system, allowing the user ample amount of provisions for booking appointments, scheduling and rescheduling of appointments, patients management, schedule management and many more.

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