Changing healthcare delivery

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Whether one is a working professional, a home maker, a retired person or a young child – each one of us need medical attention once in a while. Health is indeed a priority, especially when it concerns ourselves or our loved ones.


My story

I am travelling for the next five days and have to leave for airport soon. Yesterday, my father was advised a knee replacement surgery. My father understands the procedure but not very sure whether he should go ahead with the surgery or not. I would like to discuss the symptoms and have a second opinion from a doctor. I wish I could have a convenient and hassle free medical consultation!


My idea of convenience in healthcare

When I suffer from a healthcare problem, I want to understand the reasons of my condition and need a doctor to listen and advice about the best possible medical treatment regarding the same. For such a dialogue with my doctor, the time and energy spent on travel and waiting queue at a hospital is mind boggling.


To me, convenience is receiving reliable medical advice by a doctor on click of a button in today’s era.


Is there anyone who understands?

Yes. We, at GenieDoc, understand the problems of busy working people who have to seek consultation for their parents or their kids or even themselves. We enable access to healthcare with no travel hassles, no waiting queues and no geographical constraints.

Tell me more about is a healthcare platform enabling patients and doctors to connect online on need, real time basis for a simple, fast, efficient and effective medical video consultation.


In other words, makes it convenient and easy for you to connect to your doctor, using technology in everyday life. With online video consultation, the delivery of healthcare services for follow ups, second opinion, chronic cases and common conditions is likely to be transformed in a big way.


What should I expect from Geniedoc?

“Any place a healthcare practitioner needs to lay hands on a patient, telemedicine won’t help much. But where they don’t, Telemedicine, say doctors, has a place.” (Source: The Science of Telemedicine).

Globally, telemedicine is on a fast growth track and helping doctors and patients to connect remotely in a convenient and efficient manner using technology.

Geniedoc, being a real time telemedicine portal, provides its users with all the advantages of telemedicine. It is now safer, more reliable, quicker, and more convenient to see your doctor!

It is time for you to try and decide the convenience and effectiveness of medical video consultation now.

How is the experience of other doctors and patients consulting on Geniedoc?

“I contacted an Orthopaedician through for discomfort in my left knee. I was initially apprehensive about taking medical advice online through video chat without meeting in person. However, after I explained the symptoms in detail to the doctor, he was quick to diagnose the problem with my left knee and prescribed some tests/x-rays and exercises. The video call lasted for about 10-12 minutes and the doctor uploaded the prescription within 20 minutes thereafter on The entire process lasted for about 30 minutes. I did not have to visit any clinic or hospital and wait for my turn. There was no need for me to take time out of my busy schedule during work hours. saved me lot of time. This call was done at 9 PM at my convenience. All the best!”, testifies a candid patient from Gurgaon.

“I was excited for the first-of-its-kind video consultation. I found it quick, hassle free, satisfying and less time consuming for both the patients and the doctors. Looks to be a promising preposition for future”, shares Dr Ravi Sauhta, Chief Consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery at Gurgaon

“My first experience of teleconferencing with the patient has been really good and it will help the patients a lot. Most of the patients are unable to commute due to various constraints and this type of consultation can sort out a number of problems. Patients can attend the doctors at their convenience at any time. Moreover, patients who are on the move find it a lot difficult to find a doctor and they will find GenieDoc very helpful”, enthuses Dr Satish K Gadi, General Physician & Ex-CMD Indian Railways.

Global trends in healthcare delivery

The idea of telemedicine is picking up. For example, In US, private employers and insurers are increasingly paying for telemedicine and China is spending billions on health-care reform with a focus on telemedicine. (Source: The Economist).


In US, a new bill CONNECT for Health Act, is not only expected to save the federal government $1.8 billion but also boost telemedicine and strengthen the patient-physician relationship using technology. (Source: Computerworld)


The concept of telemedicine is a popular one in many countries. Besides, it is the most upcoming healthcare trend in those nations where it has not been utilised so far.


Take control of your health decisions

At GenieDoc, we bring technology closer to you and provide you with choices so that you are able to make better decisions about your health.

You can decide when, where, how and whom to consult for your healthcare needs as per your convenience and requirements, that too in a quick and hassle free manner.

We wish you health! Stay healthy, stay blessed!

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