I for Information in ORBIT

I stands for information in ORBIT, signifying the ideal role of information in healthcare sector as crucial decisions are taken by patients based on the availability and accessibility of information.
In today’s technology driven era, we live in a society where information is the key to all aspects of life and every individual consumes as well as seeks information on a daily basis. Given the priority of health in the life of each individual, it is vital for healthcare providers to share accurate and reliable information at all points of time. Furthermore, this information should be available offline as well as online, and accessible from various devices which are used to access internet.
Patients seek information about the healthcare services during various phases of their treatment because they want to be sure about the type and quality of services available for their condition. Globally, the trend has been to provide patient-centric care, where the patients are aware of the medical condition and informed decisions are taken during the process of their treatment.


During medical treatment, patients seek information based on their interest, need and literacy. Patients mainly reach out to healthcare providers for the following:


A. Facility and services


When patients are looking for a medical service, they search for healthcare facilities where their medical requirements can be addressed. Patients utilize all channels to access reliable and accurate information about the healthcare facilities including internet and ‘word of mouth’ references from family and friends.


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 Easy access to information about a healthcare facility, along with exact map location and contact details, help patients to save time and conveniently reach the facility.


 B. About treatment


While searching for a healthcare facility or during the treatment, patients like to know more about the treatment process, type of procedures available in the healthcare facility and type of technology used. Awareness of these helps patients to trust the healthcare services and take informed decisions about the next steps in their medical treatment.


 C. Fees and timings


Information regarding fees and timings of a healthcare facility allows patients to plan their budget and select convenient day/time for visiting the facility. Transparency in the above further builds the trust between the patients and healthcare providers.


 D. Topics of public interest


Today, patients like to keep themselves updated about the on-going health concerns in the society and they prefer to obtain this information from a reliable source. Sharing of knowledge by healthcare providers adds value to society, and further establishes medicine as a noble profession.





Open sharing of information at various levels contributes to the efforts in improving healthcare quality, service and treatment outcomes. Moreover, information which is reliable, accurate and shared leads to strengthening of the brand of the healthcare provider in the minds of patients.


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ORBIT options


ORBIT empowers healthcare providers to control the content and channels of communication while sharing information with patients.
Providing accurate information to patients at each step of their treatment process strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and motivates patients to complete the treatment in planned and disciplined manner.
Information is useful if it is easily accessible and relevant if it contributes to effective decision making. As society becomes highly connected and patients use more channels of communication, information would continue to play an ever increasing role in healthcare sector.
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