10 reasons your healthcare practice should invest in digital marketing

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Today when we say it’s digital India, the only approach to clasp the tag is digital marketing from every nook. In the journey of digitization, none of the sector has remained untouched with its pros and so is Healthcare. You might be wondering what exactly digital marketing has to do in healthcare sector. The questions in your mind might be many but the fact is that digital marketing has taken over the healthcare sector to a major extent.

With a figure of more than 70% patients checking online reviews for the doctors before visiting them, gives a genuinely reasonable justification of the same. Furthermore, to coddle more with the concept of digital marketing in healthcare sector, Geniedoc.com, an emerging leader in healthcare digital marketing plays a major role. Here we share with you the reasons for investing in digital marketing.

Investing in digital marketing – need of the hour for healthcare sector

With almost every sector investing in digital marketing, there are numerous positive motives for healthcare sector as well. Below are few reasons that form a strong base for healthcare to invest in digital marketing:

Target patients with specific conditions – Tapping the untapped audience online is a unique feature offered under digital marketing services; the same offers a unique platform wherein they can be easily targeted online through medical practitioners too.


The patients can be approached or targeted on the basis of their personalized types of treatment, age, gender, specific condition and demography which otherwise would not be possible through the customary system. At Genie Doc, we facilitate it for the doctors through our services, to make it easier for the patients to search for the best Healthcare professionals around.


Afraid of falling behind the times – Never run behind any trend because others are following it; instead, adopt it because it’s the need of time. Not adopting it, will make you lag behind. With the same thought, Gartner says, 98% (https://www.mdconnectinc.com/medical-marketing-insights/healthcare-practice-invest-digital-marketing) of the businesses have given a digital edge to their traditional framework. Gradually, healthcare professionals too have started using digital marketing services to form a steady bond with their patients as 75% of them prefer digital healthcare facilities only.


Not using data to take decision – The conventional marketing techniques do not stand well when it comes to data analysis and its utility. Therefore, digital tools and techniques are indeed an improved approach for data analysis. It gives a thoughtful insight to the visibility of the health care ads and its impact on the patients through the data recorded. The latest digital marketing helps in fetching informative data that can be further used by the medical practitioners too to check maximum visibility of their business.


Cost per patient acquisition is too high – This is recorded to be one of the biggest and most common problems among the medical practitioners. The digital marketing trend has been rolled in a way to reduce patient CPA from print media of 68% and TV by 30% to 50%. It also reduces marketing cost and increases ROI as compared to the traditional methods. With the right set of tools and techniques in place, Genie Doc comes to rescue to correctly utilize the data accumulated.


Engage with people directly – Click to calls (CTC) are recorded as 70% of the phone calls influenced by the digital marketing activities. Also, Google search engine has recorded 25% high CTC conversion rate when it comes to healthcare sector. It is important to have click to call, call to action buttons on your website so that direct association with patient can be initiated. Therefore, digital media is ruling high to connect and engage with people directly.


Increase patient retention –The various customized and standard digital marketing activities and techniques are preferred for patient retention as against others. How – through the advanced patient portals, medical facilities, registration, post-consultation services and social media engagement in order to keep them updated.


Brand doesn’t show up in the search engines – If your brand doesn’t rank high in the search engines or doesn’t show up, then SEO and paid ads are two most useful tools to solve the purpose. The result of the digital marketing reflects that 25% of the Google searches are of health issues out of which more than 70% appears on the first page during searches.


As a digital marketing services provider, Geniedoc.com serves efficiently to improve your digital brand, engage your patient, providing you desirable healthcare marketing solutions and builds your brand at the same time.



Get more patient referrals – Digital marketing has unlocked many such doors which otherwise were not possible. It has introduced transparency in the system that helps in gaining the confidence of the people aka patients – existing as well as potential. Same is in the case of healthcare sector, may it be through patient engagement or their word of mouth to their near and dear ones, patient referrals has increased tremendously.


Personalized marketing – Marketing can be personalized by targeting any particular set of patients. This will polish, not only your content or practice, but will also be patient- centric. This will result in increased demand for your services and influence patients as well.


Improved patient experience – Once you reach your patient, engage them properly and retain them for long-term by investing in a strong never ending bond. Nevertheless, to forget that digital marketing is the chain in between all. May it be patient engagement starting from their registration or the post-visit calls, digital marketing restraints all and therefore delivers positive patient experiences.

Remember, that you are not only branding your name through digital marketing among the patients rather it’s your patient centric convenient ways that actually a patient is looking for. The more you cater to their demands within their comfort zone, higher would be the patient satisfaction levels and retention levels too.

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