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Over 63% patients search health information online


While you are focused on serving individuals and population as a medical professional, we enable digital solutions which assist you in improving efficiency, enhancing satisfaction and strengthening patient engagement.


In managing a clinic, the primary effort is to continuously prioritize between providing exceptional medical services, managing patient experience and optimizing revenues. In today’s world, no establishment can be detached from the online world.


Running a hospital involves complex actions with focus on providing medical services, brand building (manage patient experience, brand recall, geographic outreach) and achieving business objectives (increase profitability and justify ROI for investors.)


Hospital marketing strategy is progressing towards newer (online) mode as online sources of information are being preferred and utilized by people,  as the information from service provider can be accessed over the internet, making it secure and authentic.

Needs of healthcare provider

patient_recallPatient Recall

increase_revenewIncrease Revenue

brand_differentiationBrand Differentiation

reach-visibilityReach Visibility

 What are your immediate goals?

Why Us?

Understanding the trend, agility and execution in healthcare marketing differentiates our team. Founded in 2015, we are committed to collaborate, build and deliver exceptional products and services on the pillars of Trust, Treatment and Technology.

Hospitals manage limited resources and juggle between different priorities to achieve their marketing objectives in a sustainable manner. Having focus on hospital marketing services, we are dedicated to partner, solve problems, and implement personalized solutions.

Solutions for Healthcare Marketing

Strategy & Planning

For every business, it is essential to have a strategic plan which guides people of the organization in taking decisions while following the strategy.

Leadership or management team sets the desired mission and objectives of the organization. Over a period, these are translated into business objectives at various levels and departments.

Business Analytics

Understanding healthcare, hospitals can benefit most from the existing patient, treatment and related information if it is used in an effective way to do the analysis and then focus on improving the RoI of marketing, operations and administration departments of hospitals.

While healthcare has taken longer than other industries to incorporate the use of analytics, such adoption is radically transforming the delivery of healthcare for the better. Now that the necessary data pieces are being put into place, analytics can, and must, play a pivotal role in the transformation of indian healthcare into an efficient, value-driven system.

Digital Goals

In today’s world, we are moving fast towards a Digital platform, having almost all the services on the fingertips of the consumers for convenience. Healthcare industry is also progressing towards integrating the digital services along with the regular practices to understand and serve the patients better.  In today’s online world, there is a great opportunity in healthcare to use digital media to educate, inspire, motivate and engage the target audiences.


One of the most curious dynamics in hospital marketing is that a hospital tries to attain an unbelievable position with the patient. On the other side, the patient doesn’t care.

In general, majority of population is relatively healthy. Healthcare services are availed only in cases of serious medical need, accident/emergency or ongoing treatment for a chronic disease. In other words, the consumer apply “no interest” in hospital or related service points.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement has been a rapidly emerging movement and buzzword in the healthcare industry from quite some time. Some say, “The progress of healthcare will largely depend on patient engagement strategy and its execution”. Others have argued that healthcare is moving from doctor specific service industry to patient centric service. All initiative shall have patient important place at objective of any marketing campaign.

Brand Management & PR

Brand represents people’s perception of your business based on customers’ experience. Brand building involves a series of planned activities using promotional strategies and advertisement so that your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Patient Experience is the Key Differentiation in Healthcare. We Can Help!

Our Marketing Management Approach

One-strategy-fits-all approach is a sure shot way to failure.

For us, understanding the business, values and beliefs of our customers is foremost before designing or implementing any solution in healthcare. Interaction with decision makers gives us insights and guidance to align priorities with short term and long term business requirements. Moreover, stakeholder consultation lays the foundation for long term relationships.

Data collection and research is important to truly assess the challenges, problems and bottlenecks faced by business in healthcare under the current scenario. A comprehensive, independent and critical evaluation of current marketing objectives, strategies, activities and results ensures diagnosis of problems, identification of opportunities, concrete action plan and corrective recommendations for the next phase.

Once a healthcare organization completes the current assessment and decides to move in a direction to achieve business objectives, all departments, employees and associates concerned need to be updated and included as part of the execution.

Keeping in view the established achievable goals, activities and sub-activities are chalked out for the entire organization.

Every business manager in healthcare desires repeated, predictive and scalable topline revenue. Usage of funds in marketing must contribute to the above, and therefore, measurement at every stage of execution saves precious time, money and resources.

Every rupee spent in healthcare marketing is an investment and ROI calculation is the only way to monitor returns, and thereby, justify the usage of funds.

From our experience, involvement of all stakeholders is essential for the success of any initiative in healthcare. Any solution which has an impact on business must meet the expectations set out by the participants. Continuous feedback to stakeholders ensure their participation and active involvement in implementation, corrective interventions and maintaining the motivation in the execution process.

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