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Find Best Doctor

When it comes to finding a doctor, chances are you spend a lot more time worrying about your man, your kids, or your parents than yourself. After all, you re strong enough to soldier through the occasional cold, right? Find the best doctors in your area.

Personalized Telemedicine for Clinic

Tele-Consultations we all know can be effective incase of follow ups and second opinions. GenieDoc Offers the personalized tele consultation platform for Hospitals and Clinics which can help in expanding the practice beyond geographies.

Healthcare Marketing Services

Digital marketing Services in healthcare helps in providing the right set of solutions for the healthcare providers to reach out and spread the words via websites, social media, forums, blogs, articles, etc.

Clinic Management System

GenieDoc Clinic Management System enable the user for booking appointments, scheduling and rescheduling of appointments and healthcare practitioner or his/her staff for patients management, schedule management and many more.

Digital Website and Optimization

A website provides an excellent online platform for healthcare providers to own, control and monitor their own digital signboard (personalized)  so that they are able to professionally manage the practice in today’s connected world.

Brand Building

GenieDoc Healthcare Marketing Services offers a comprehensive solution to maximize the reach of the healthcare providers to their patients and target audience. The essence of marketing, in healthcare industry derives to the recall and loyalty of a customer.


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